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Large range of PFA tubes, supplied from stock

Please view our full range of PFA hoses. The inner and outer diameter selection tool makes it easy to find the right hose for your application. Or choose Standard or High Purity PFA in Inches or Metric using the buttons below:

6. Global delivery

We ship your order worldwide. Simply enter the country and delivery address during the checkout process, and our system will automatically calculate the logistics costs. For urgent cases, we can also arrange shipping via DHL Express.

7. Sustainability and CO2 reduction

PTFE Tube Shop’s PFA hoses are also part of our CO2 reduction program. We are committed to sustainability and minimizing our carbon emissions. Although striving for full carbon neutrality takes time, we are moving forward step by step. As part of our initiative, we plant a tree with every delivery of 20 pounds of PFA hose to support our environment.

8. Competitive pricing

Last but not least, our prices. Thanks to our direct online approach, you can easily compare our rates with those of your current supplier. Our research shows that we are usually the most cost-effective option. If this is not the case for your specific needs, please let us know. For large-scale orders or if you are interested in a dealership, we also invite you to contact us. All prices are displayed exclusive of VAT.

Buy PFA tube with these 8 benefits

1. Fast and efficient shipping within 24 hours We strive to ship your orders of PFA hoses within 24 hours. You can easily check through our website how many meters of PFA hose of your choice are readily available. The exact delivery time depends on your location. For urgent needs, we can also arrange shipping via DHL Express. 2. Premium quality with tight tolerances Our PFA hoses are manufactured from high-quality PFA granulate without the addition of recycled material. This ensures consistency in quality and performance. Our hoses meet the strictest industry standards with respect to diameter tolerances. 3. All lengths PFA hoses can easily be ordered online starting at 1 meter. Generally, longer lengths are supplied in 50-meter rolls. An order of 100 meters thus includes 2 rolls of 50 meters. If you need a specific length so the PFA hoses can be used directly in your application, please contact us so we can make a suitable offer. 4. Customer-specific inventory and Just-in-Time delivery We offer flexible options such as annual contracts, call-off orders and Just-in-Time deliveries, so your production is never disrupted by inventory shortages. You can contact our specialists Jeroen & Paul to discuss the possibilities. 5. Delivery on account We understand that professional buyers prefer delivery on account. Based on a credit check, we can deliver goods with 30-day payment terms. Please contact us or send a purchase order.

Certification of our PFA hose

Certificate of compliance Upon request, we can supply our products with a Certificate of Conformity (CofC). This document serves as proof that the goods delivered meet the specifications previously described. FDA certification All standard PFA hoses supplied are FDA certified. This certification means that our products are allowed to come into safe contact with food and food-related applications in the United States. High quality PFA hoses Our standard products include only PFA hoses of excellent quality. This quality is ensured by paying attention to the properties of raw materials, tolerance levels and our rigorous testing methods. To guarantee this quality, we apply the following principles: Quality of PFA raw materials We use only high-quality PFA granules with no recycled material added. If your specific requirements do not allow the use of our standard granules or perhaps High Purity (HP) granules are desired, please contact us to discuss options.

Quality Guarantees

Diameter: Each round of production is checked to see if the diameter is correct and within the tight tolerances we have set for ourselves. The smaller the hose in diameter, the smaller the acceptable tolerance. Each individual product stores the established acceptable tolerance.

Pressure resistance of PFA hose

PFA pressure resistance

Characteristics of PFA hoses

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PFA) hoses are high-performance fluoropolymer hoses known for their excellent chemical resistance and thermal stability. Here are seven properties of PFA hoses, including a detailed technical description and explanation:

  1. Chemical Resistance:
    • PFA hoses are exceptionally resistant to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, bases, solvents and corrosives.
    • The unique chemical structure of PFA, similar to PTFE, makes it resistant to chemical attacks. This makes PFA hoses suitable for applications that require exposure to aggressive chemicals, such as in the chemical industry, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing.
  2. Thermal Stability:
    • PFA hoses retain their physical properties and chemical resistance at high temperatures, with a continuous operating temperature range of -200°C to +260°C.
    • PFA has impressive thermal stability, meaning it retains its flexibility and chemical resistance even at extreme temperatures. This makes PFA hoses suitable for both cryogenic applications and high-temperature processes.
  3. Low Coefficient of Friction:
    • PFA has a very low coefficient of friction, similar to PTFE, resulting in excellent sliding properties and minimal friction.
    • PFA’s low friction makes it ideal for applications where reducing friction is important, such as in valves, pumps, and sliding seals. This minimizes wear and prolongs component life.
  4. Non-porous:
    • PFA is a non-porous material, meaning it does not allow liquids or gases to pass through.
    • The non-porous nature of PFA hoses prevents leakage or absorption of fluids, making them suitable for applications where hygiene and cleanliness are crucial, such as in the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  5. Flexibility:
    • PFA tubes retain their flexibility and pliability even at low temperatures, making them easy to handle and install.
    • The flexibility of PFA hoses makes them suitable for applications where flexible tubing is needed, such as in chemical processing, the semiconductor industry, and the medical sector. They can be easily bent and adapted to complex installations without compromising their performance.
  6. Transparency:
    • PFA is naturally translucent and transparent, allowing visual inspection of the contents of the tubing without taking samples.
    • The transparency of PFA hoses is an important property in applications where it is necessary to monitor the flow of fluids or materials. This is especially useful in laboratory environments, the food industry, and the pharmaceutical sector, where visual inspection plays a crucial role in quality control.
  7. Melt Processable:
    • PFA is a melt-processable material, meaning it can be melted and remolded without compromising its chemical properties.
    • The melt-processability of PFA allows for the manufacturing of complex shapes and components using techniques such as extrusion and injection molding. This makes PFA hoses versatile in their applications, as they can be adapted to specific needs and design requirements. Additionally, this property enables PFA hoses to be welded to other PFA components.
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